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Threading Brand Throughout the Entire Employee Life Cycle Will Decrease Turnover

In a tight labor market, employers are struggling to recruit talent and highlight their brand as desirable. With clever recruiting avenues provided in the talentReef bundle such as Snapchat QR codes, Text to Apply, and Social Media integrations, customers are seeing a significant uptick in attracting the Millennial and Gen-Z presence in their hourly recruiting environments. The first interaction that an applicant has with the brand is as a customer. If this is positive, then the second interaction could be the application process. In order to keep this consumer attracted to the brand, it is important to highlight brand differentiators from the competitors in the space. Some examples include ability to highlight career pathing opportunities, employee testimonials, maybe even employee perks or benefits. Highlighting culture and brand in the recruiting process is a no-brainer, every competitor is doing this. Selecting talentReef to help you stay on top of recruiting trends is also a no-brainer.

Now that we have our new hires in the door, how do we keep them there? When employers and even new hires think of the word “Onboarding”, the first items that arise are forms such as the W4 or Form I-9. However, the word we don’t think of is Culture. Other than the application, Onboarding is sometimes the first interaction a new hire has with the company – it sets the tone for the rest of that employee’s life cycle. This is why it is so important to thread your brand into your onboarding process –getting the new hire truly excited for their first day and to be a part of the culture. Including fun videos or photos is an example of this so by the time they are in for their first day, they already feel like a part of the team and have a grasp of the internal community. talentReef’s Onboarding module allows for customers to highlight their brand throughout every custom form. Not only will the implementation set this up for new customers, but a huge differentiator of the talentReef platform is that Admin users can actually update this on an ongoing basis through a self-service capability. Users can log in to edit, update, deactivate, and create entirely new onboarding forms. Of course, they have access to a full bank of marketing assets, so should branding change, it is easily manipulated and updated in real time for talentReef customers.

Once employees are onboarded and a secure part of the team, we want to ensure they feel valued. Highlighting the mission statement or core values through regular evaluations give employees clear visibility into where they stand not only with the growth opportunities of the organization, but also on a personal and cultural level.

One of the, if not the, biggest problems in the hourly working environment is turnover. The number one reason is because employees are unsure of where they stand in the organization or they feel like there is no future for them there. Making culture and branding prevalent through every part of the employee life cycle will assist in significantly reducing turnover. talentReef is your go-to solution with market experts to help you solve for this.

Alena Garcia

Solutions Consultant

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