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Think Like a Job Candidate

Recruiters are like marketers.  A marketer’s prospect is the equivalent of a recruiter’s job candidate.  What makes a marketer successful is first thinking like their target market.  Recruiters need to do the same.  Before anything, even posting a job requisition, a recruiter must first put themselves into a candidate’s shoes. They need to think about where the job candidates search for jobs?  What is important to the candidates when applying for jobs?  And, would they apply for their own job posting? 

Job searches today are different from job searches twenty years ago or even ten years ago.  If a recruiter posts jobs to a job board, is that job board used by their target candidates?  Fifteen years ago, everyone had their resume on Monster when searching for a job or they would just walk into a business if they wanted to work there.  Now if they have a resume, they post it on LinkedIn, they use the job site, Indeed (especially those in the hourly space), or they go directly to a company’s website to find open jobs.  

If a target market of job candidates is primarily on their smartphones, it is imperative that the company has a mobile-optimized careers page and that it is easy to instantly apply for a job right from those phones.  Depending on the generation of the target market, that might mean offering a text-to-apply option or an easily scannable Snapchat code that instantly directs the candidates to the company career page. 

Another thing to consider is who are the company’s current employees?  Does the company want to utilize those employees to find candidates?  If so, how do these referrals get facilitated?  With the automation of recruiting, referrals can be easily achieved making the process from posting a job to sharing a job and to applying for a job seamless from the recruiter to the employee and all the way to the referral candidate.

Like marketers, recruiters need to make sure they are casting the widest net possible to reach their target market.  That doesn’t mean wasting precious time and money on sources that won’t work but utilizing any and all options to be visible to the target candidates where they can be found.  Learn more about casting the widest net in reaching potential hourly workers by downloading the 2018 Hourly Trends Report.

Abby Sandbach

Vice President of Marketing

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