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The State of Hiring In the Grocery Industry

We all probably go to the grocery store at least once of week. While you’re going from aisle to aisle looking for your next delicious meal, have you ever thought, who stocked these very organized shelves or who is the nice gentleman in the deli department? The world of hiring in the Grocery store space is very unique. According to Fooddrive.com “Grocery turnover is somewhere about 60% and many stores are reporting that it’s harder and harder to find people who want to work in food retail.” (https://www.fooddive.com/news/grocery--why-is-hiring-and-retention-a-challenge-for-grocery-stores/437896/). So, what creative hiring techniques should grocery store owners and operators use to attract top talent?

Collagegrad.com notes that, "In recent years, grocery store supermarkets have been facing growing competition. More and more time-pressed people are eating out on a regular basis or buying takeout meals. Also, a greater variety of stores are selling groceries, with warehouse clubs and supercenters becoming some of the biggest food sellers. To compete with restaurants, fast food outlets, and club and supercenter stores, grocery stores have been selling more general merchandise items and providing a greater variety of services to cater to the one-stop shopper. They are also selling more prepared foods, deli items, and food to go. Some provide tables for eating in the store.” (https://collegegrad.com/industries/grocery-stores). With the industry evolving, recruitment efforts ever-changing and unemployment at an all-time low, grocery stores are using tools like applicant tracking systems to gain the upper advantage.

Tools like talentReef have successfully assisted several large grocery stores obtain top talent. This is done by combing tools like a custom career page, posting on top job boards which target strong hourly candidates and ensuring a complaint onboarding process that have proven to assist grocery staff daily to win the war for talent. Shopify.com states it well, "Great employees are not born, they are developed in a business atmosphere where training is stressed, individuality is encouraged and personalities are respected. Word travels about the work environment in all sizes of stores. The key to recruiting quality employees is promoting and possessing a positive work environment no matter how large or small you are.” (https://www.shopify.com/retail/119530563-retail-staffing-101-how-to-hire-train-and-retain-the-right-employees). If you are a grocery store operator I want to leave you with this question, what tools are you going to use to find your next rock star employee? There are plenty of great resources that will support you and your employee base!

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Caitlin Schnell

Director of Solution Consulting

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