The Job Search as a Gen zer

Posted by Sarah Gutrich, talentReef Intern on 8/7/19 1:33 PM

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Starting with Millennials and continuing to Generation Z, our lives have turned into our profiles. Numerous types of social media platforms have arisen to contribute to the connection we have with our devices; whether it be platforms like Instagram and Twitter becoming a means of communication or dating apps becoming a means of meeting people, a majority of us depend on the internet to function. So, if our lives live online, then where else would we look for somewhere to fund our lives?

Being a member of Gen Z, I have fallen victim to the all-purpose uses of social media, and, in turn, have gone to social media to search for anything that I feel the need to add to my life, including a job. My initial step in searching for a job is Google, through which job posting sites will come up, likely a site like Indeed. From there I will either search for postings based on my location or search a desired store or business. Being a somewhat impatient person, I will usually click on the first one that sounds interesting to me. Once I find a posting I’m interested in, the easier the application the better.

Now, if I were to encounter a job opportunity in person, or inquire about a position at a specific location, my comfort zone would still resort back to my phone to complete the application. That’s where having the ability to instantly pull up an application online is preferred to the generation that can type an average of 40 words per minute but have illegible handwriting.

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