The Importance of Employee Feedback & Recognition

Posted by Abby Sandbach on 11/7/18 2:01 PM

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Feedback and Recognition are critical to the success of your employees.  According to the Harvard Business Review, when used appropriately, feedback gives employees the opportunity for development and career growth.  Both positive feedback and constructive criticism can be a means to an end in reaching business goals as it leads to better decision making and provides motivation for increased productivity.  When done correctly and combined with recognition, employee engagement can blossom.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like being recognized for something they have accomplished?  Feeling happiness from being recognized publicly for doing something well is a natural human reaction both in your personal and professional life.  In professional life, this recognition can help promote employee satisfaction and encourages productivity.  And in today’s Millennial-driven world, social recognition is more important than ever before.  From participation awards to social media likes, a large percentage of the current workforce has grown up with being recognized for what they have done in life.  Many of the workers today expect to be recognized among their peers, even at work.

There are many ways to provide feedback and recognition in the workplace, but it can be hard to standardize and track it, especially in a decentralized environment.  Employee of the month plaques can still easily be on display in store locations, but today, there are other immediate options for streamlining feedback and recognition via technology.  With technology, feedback and warnings can be instant, and recognition can be made when it happens and in a public forum on mobile devices, connecting employees with the business and their peers and building engagement that will deliver the most optimal customer experience.

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