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The Application Process

Have you ever been applying for something and the application process seems to be harder than the position or spot you are applying for? As an example, college applications come to mind – there are some schools out there that it seems they view themselves as so prestigious that applying is meant to be the test and everything else may be a breeze. I don’t think that’s the point of an application. Yes, you want to test the applicant’s ability to do the job and gather your first and last name, but what if you’re losing applicants due to difficulty in accessing the application in the first place? No one wants that.

I have had my fair share of difficult applications, whether it be college or career, and I can personally attest to the fact that some systems will turn applicants away if they aren’t easy to navigate. I have even encountered some application portals that I believe to be fake because of its appearance. I had only heard of talentReef by word of mouth before I came here. I had no idea what it was besides the fact that it was a software company. When I was hired to work here, I was not only exposed to interacting with the software on both the internal and external side, but I was able to see a seamless application process that was customized rather than a mix of text boxes surround by different shades of grey. As much as it drains me to say it, Gen Z and Millennials can still often fall into the trap of judging a book by its cover – or in this case a website by its color-scheme.

In my opinion- as someone who has gone through a number of different applications in a number of different formats- a major component that makes talentReef stand out in the sea of SaaS companies, is the customized approach that rejects the “one-size fits all” misconception.  Request a demo, and see it for yourself.

This blog was written by Sarah Gutrich, in conjunction with the talentReef Summer Internship Program.

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