Threading Brand Throughout the Entire Employee Life Cycle Will Decrease Turnover

In a tight labor market, employers are struggling to recruit talent and highlight their brand as desirable. With clever recruiting avenues provided in the talentReef bundle such as Snapchat QR codes, Text to Apply, and Social Media integrations, customers are seeing a significant uptick in attracting the Millennial and Gen-Z presence in their hourly recruiting environments. The first interaction that an applicant has with the brand is as a customer. If this is positive, then the second interaction could be the application process. In order to keep this consumer attracted to the brand, it is important to highlight brand differentiators from the competitors in the space. Some examples include ability to highlight career pathing opportunities, employee testimonials, maybe even employee perks or benefits. Highlighting culture and brand in the recruiting process is a no-brainer, every competitor is doing this. Selecting talentReef to help you stay on top of recruiting trends is also a no-brainer.

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Reducing Your Hourly Worker Turnover

The cost to U.S. Businesses of hourly worker attrition and lost productivity is $350 billion annually. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, hourly workers have an average turnover rate four times higher than that of their exempt counterparts. The Hourly Nation, consisting of 1.3 billion workers worldwide and 17% of GDP in the United States is crucial to the industries they support – including, but not limited to, restaurants, convenience stores, hospitality, entertainment, retail, grocery stores and wholesale distribution.

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