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GUIDE: Recruit, Hire, and Onboard in a Contactless World

By | on 29, May 2020 |   Recruiting Talent Management Compliance Onboarding HR Technology Applicant Tracking Human Resources

Ready to recruit, hire, and onboard in a contactless world? Get the guide and learn how to digitally engage the decentralized, hourly workforce while saving time and money.

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Jumpstart Your Post-COVID Re-Emergence Strategy

By | on 14, May 2020 |   Recruiting Onboarding HR Technology Hiring

Businesses who’ve recently been hit with uncertain, financially challenging times are once again shifting and adapting their hiring strategies – but this time, it’s in preparation for states and citie[...]

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Top Reasons SMB Can't wait on Saas hr technology

By | on 16, Jan 2020 |   HR Technology Hiring

More and more SMBs are embracing Software as a Service (SaaS) technology to support their hiring.  Small businesses often have to handle all things HR with a limited number of hands to help out.  That[...]

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AI: The Future of Recruiting

By | on 07, Jun 2019 |   HR Technology Human Resources

What is AI?  Until recently, all I knew about AI was that there was a movie 18 years ago with the little kid from Sixth Sense called A.I.  It was all about a robotic boy who was programmed to love but[...]

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Leveraging Mobile to Empower Your Applicants, Managers, and Employees

By | on 13, May 2019 |   HR Technology

Today candidates are craving a mobile application. Managers are on the go, which means 24/7 access to new candidates is essential. Employees need a centralized accessible environment to review on-boar[...]

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3 New Year's Resolutions for HR Tech

By | on 02, Jan 2019 |   HR Technology

2019, can you believe it?  Remember when the world was concerned technology would implode when the clocks struck midnight on January 1, 2000?  Now our whole lives live on technology; everything in our[...]

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The Future Workforce

By | on 14, Sep 2018 |   Recruiting HR Technology

For the last several years, HR professionals have been focusing on the Millennial generation.  Well, I hate to say it, but Millennials are old news.  Some of us Millennials are on the tail end of our [...]

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HR Tech and the Franchise Model

By | on 23, Aug 2018 |   Hourly Workforce HR Technology

Franchising has been around for decades to help expand businesses.  From fast growing, up and comers to well established, mega national brands, the franchisee/franchisor model can be seen from restaur[...]

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