No Time Off for the Service Industry

As most of the United States packs their bags and hits the roads for their Independence Day celebrations and summer vacations, the Service Industry is in full swing of their busy summer season and not closing their doors.  From restaurants serving the hungry hoards to retail establishments selling out of bikinis and swim trunks to hotels booking rooms, summertime in the Service Industry is a peak season for business.

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The Onboarding Experience; A Key Contributor to Employee Retention

Retention strategies are often thought of as tactics used to re-engage existing employees and reduce their likelihood of leaving after a period of employment.  In reality, retention should be thought of as a primary focus to be strategized upon and implemented from the moment the employee gets hired. 

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The Importance of Employee Feedback & Recognition

Feedback and Recognition are critical to the success of your employees.  According to the Harvard Business Review, when used appropriately, feedback gives employees the opportunity for development and career growth.  Both positive feedback and constructive criticism can be a means to an end in reaching business goals as it leads to better decision making and provides motivation for increased productivity.  When done correctly and combined with recognition, employee engagement can blossom.

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Candidate & Employee Experience

From the news telling us on a daily basis to us all experiencing it first hand, the labor market is the most competitive it has been in years.  There are more jobs available than there are workers, perhaps no one knows that more than service industry employers.  The talent shortages are crippling many businesses.  Some businesses can’t find enough employees to staff their shifts and to open their doors for business.  With the employees that they do have, they are constantly facing the risk that those employees will find new jobs and no-show for their next shift.

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Building Brand & Culture Across a decentalized workforce

Maintaining organizational consistency and building a strong employer brand can be one of the toughest challenges when operating across a decentralized work environment.  Subtle changes in your approach to talent management and operations can combat the tendency for a dispersed workforce to lose touch with the company culture.

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Do You Really Know your Best Employee?

As an employer, you trust that your employees are coming in everyday and doing their very best they can, right? But as their employer do you know what your employees are actually striving towards? What their goals or wants are? Or are you simply providing them with work and a paycheck?

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