4 Signs Your ATS was Not Built for a Decentralized, Hourly Workforce

Was your ATS purpose-built for the recruiting and hiring of your hourly workforce?  Businesses that hire predominately hourly workers are challenged with different recruiting and hiring intricacies.  Hourly workforces are multi-generational; can have an extreme range of educational and experiential backgrounds; and continually face high turnover.  This is compounded by the fact your hiring managers are not HR professionals. 

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Minimizing applicant drop-off while maximizing quality applicant flow

Constructing an effective job application in today’s market requires creating an appropriate balance between simplicity and quality control. More often than not, job seekers will quit in the middle of an application and fail to ever complete the process.  Losing out on those potential candidates can be the difference between capturing top quality talent and struggling to find a body to fill a position.

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WOTC is Easier Than You Think with a Talent Management System

According to National Tax Credit (NTC), a leading state and federal tax credit processing provider, 90% of “for-profit” businesses qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).  The surprising thing is, 50% of all credits go unclaimed, potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table that could impact a business’ bottom line.  There might be a number of reasons why a company wouldn’t claim a tax credit.  The two reasons I hear the most with service industry operators that I meet at tradeshows and conferences throughout the year is that they aren’t familiar with WOTC or that WOTC is too paper intensive and time consuming.

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What comes to mind with the words Applicant Flow? This might conjure up bad thoughts and be a dirty word for some HR professionals and recruiters.

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Effective Interviewing in the Service Industry

Mass applications, a revolving door of open positions, a diverse workforce, and field managers facing the majority of the hiring responsibility; these are only a few of the complexities that the service industry faces on a regular basis that many other industries don’t deal with to the same extent.  These challenges make it that much more important to hire right, from the start.  And hiring right often begins with the interview.

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The State of Hiring In the Grocery Industry

We all probably go to the grocery store at least once of week. While you’re going from aisle to aisle looking for your next delicious meal, have you ever thought, who stocked these very organized shelves or who is the nice gentleman in the deli department? The world of hiring in the Grocery store space is very unique. According to Fooddrive.com “Grocery turnover is somewhere about 60% and many stores are reporting that it’s harder and harder to find people who want to work in food retail.” (https://www.fooddive.com/news/grocery--why-is-hiring-and-retention-a-challenge-for-grocery-stores/437896/). So, what creative hiring techniques should grocery store owners and operators use to attract top talent?

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