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What comes to mind with the words Applicant Flow? This might conjure up bad thoughts and be a dirty word for some HR professionals and recruiters.

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Leveraging Analytics to Achieve recruiting success

Talent sourcing has long evolved from the days of placing a help wanted ad in a newspaper or store front. Companies today are proactively using social networks and online digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter to search and find talent. It is important to understand the best quality and number of candidates from these searches to create a true recruitment strategy.

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Pro-Active Recruiting: Part 1

I had the pleasure of hearing a great thought leadership webinar presented by two of my talentReef co-workers about Pro-Active Recruiting. The webinar was about tips, tricks and trends we see in today’s recruiting market. They started off with the best way to get quality candidates. They spoke about employee referrals and how a lot of companies would like to have their trusted employees recruit other team members to be a part of their culture. I was a referral here at talentReef from our CEO and other friends at the company, and I can also say that I have referred many other friends who have excelled and thrived here in our talentReef community. Managers wear so many hats with the day to day operations of the business, which makes them more likely to turn to a referral’s resume or application knowing they have a trusted word from a current employee that they will be a good fit within the company.

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