Stop Hiring and Start Recruiting

Posted by Abby Sandbach on 6/13/19 12:23 PM

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What does it mean to hire vs to recruit?

Hiring is what companies do to fill open positions with people looking for jobs and submitting applications.  It is meant to have a quick turnaround to fill positions left open by employees who leave the company. 

Recruiting is the process of finding the most-qualified person for a job and the organization.  It doesn’t just start when there is an open position that needs to be filled.  It is a continual process that looks for people who fit company culture and brand.  It should be happening every day so that the company has a pool of qualified potential employees.

Top 5 Initiatives Every Company Needs in Their Recruiting Strategy:

  1. Cast a Wide Net: Each market has its own challenges and some efforts might work better in one location over another. It is important that businesses don’t put all their eggs in one basket, and they need to make sure their jobs are where their top candidates are looking.
  2. Referrals Initiative: On average, 4 out of 10 hires come from referrals while only 7% of all applicants are from referrals. A referrals initiative can not only drive quality recruits, but it also often impacts retention. 
  3. Text-to-Apply: 97% of Americans use texting as a method of communication on a daily basis, and they expect to have the ability to easily apply for jobs via a simple text.
  4. Talent Community: A Talent Community grants HR and hiring managers with the ability to pro-actively recruit when and if the time is right.  Why not build a talent pipeline so that the company has a continuous flow of applicants? 
  5. Recruitment Marketing Technology: To truly have a recruiting strategy, companies need the technology in place to streamline the strategy. Recruiting needs to be viewed like marketing.  In marketing, you can never have enough leads.  In recruiting, you can never have enough candidates.  Technology has allowed marketers with the ability to promote consumer brand, understand consumer behavior, and drive leads anytime and anywhere.  This is exactly what HR professionals need to succeed with their recruiting strategy. 


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