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What comes to mind with the words Applicant Flow? This might conjure up bad thoughts and be a dirty word for some HR professionals and recruiters.

Many companies feel they could never have enough applicants for any and all jobs.  Whether that’s true or not and no matter how good your recruiting strategy is, there are certain jobs that are traditionally harder to fill than others — managers, jobs at less desirable or remote locations, driving/delivery jobs, etc. These types of positions may need an additional push or a little extra support to find candidates.  So, what can companies do to get that extra push?  Though there are many different ways that companies might find worth trying, one quick and simple way is to sponsor a job on one of the many job boards or job sites out there.  This concept is one Marketing professionals have practiced for years.  Similar to Marketing placing a paid ad on a search engine so a listing gets on the first page, an HR professional can pay to place jobs in a prominent position of a job search so that those jobs get seen first.  Because they’re the first jobs people see in the search results, sponsored jobs receive up to 5X more clicks. This is in contrast to non-sponsored jobs, which fall further down the list as new non-sponsored jobs appear. The company then only pays when a candidate clicks on the job posting versus a flat fee.

Companies can post to these sites on their own, but when a recruiting or ATS system is already in use, it is beneficial to have the ability to sponsor a job right from the recruiting and applicant platform so that the entire process is streamlined, and time is saved for the recruiter, HR professional, or hiring manager.

With talentReef’s Recruit 2.0 platform, sponsoring jobs on job boards for those hard to fill positions is as simple as clicking a button.  Request a demo to learn more about sponsored jobs and other ways talentReef can help manage the  recruiting and talent management process.

Abby Sandbach

Vice President of Marketing

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