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Retail Recruiting 101

One question, what is the hardest part about dealing with the retail industry’s workforce? Answer, massive amounts of turnover and finding the right hire.

Recruiting in the retail industry is one of the most important aspects to having a successful retail business. From my personal experience with working in retail before my job here at talentReef, I can say that I was guilty about not caring, not being mindful about taking certain days off, and just quitting. This was when I was young and not business savvy. Coming to talentReef, I saw first-hand the struggles retailers had finding the right employees and how our system really benefitted their hiring needs in every way!

Field managers are handling multiple responsibilities and they don’t have the time to sit down for hours to interview potential employees. They need a tool that can successfully find the right applicant. With talentReef, current employees have the ability to push out jobs to their social media pages to find trustworthy referrals. Referrals are always a good way to get good hires that are willing to put the hard work and time into your company. The system posts on Indeed, Glassdoor, and Google Jobs for unlimited job postings. With talentReef’s applicant tracking system, applicants can apply at the touch of their fingertips using their smart phones. No need for long paper applications that can get lost in piles of applications. Our applicant tracking system will screen and score every applicant based on a 5-star rating, weeding out the qualified vs the unqualified. Working with some of the retail managers when I first started in the call center, they found that the 4-star candidate needed a little extra attention during their interview. Where these candidates scored lower, talentReef comes up with extra probing questions touching why they were lower in these areas. Managers then have a seemless process of onboarding these applicants to get them working fast.

If I had understood the retail world in my early days of working, my whole mindset would have changed. I highly recommend this for any sort of industry, not just the retail space. Click here to find out more about how to find, hire and retain your hourly retail workforce with talentReef.

Cassie Altbrandt

Senior Sales Operations Coordinator

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