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Pro-Active Recruiting: Part 1

I had the pleasure of hearing a great thought leadership webinar presented by two of my talentReef co-workers about Pro-Active Recruiting. The webinar was about tips, tricks and trends we see in today’s recruiting market. They started off with the best way to get quality candidates. They spoke about employee referrals and how a lot of companies would like to have their trusted employees recruit other team members to be a part of their culture. I was a referral here at talentReef from our CEO and other friends at the company, and I can also say that I have referred many other friends who have excelled and thrived here in our talentReef community. Managers wear so many hats with the day to day operations of the business, which makes them more likely to turn to a referral’s resume or application knowing they have a trusted word from a current employee that they will be a good fit within the company.

They went on to talk about the unemployment rate being at an all-time low at 4.1% or even lower. A challenge they spoke of is keeping and maintaining good quality employees. Companies are spending millions of dollars on recruiting tools when many of today’s recruiting can be done for free. To attract candidates in a pro-active way, you have to use a multi-channel, wide net approach.  Companies need to utilize Search Engine Optimization of job postings, and they need to create a great content management system using their brand to tell a story of what makes their organization different from the competing job next door.  Having those key words that differentiate their brand from others is a must.  Companies need to make sure their jobs are where the applicants are looking.  Millennials constantly have their smartphones at the palm of their hands, so they will be searching for every open job posting. Also, having real time updates through SMS, Email & Social Recruiting about the status of their application keeps the candidate engaged throughout the application process. 

Owners, managers, and employees can attract all different sorts of people on social media that can view a company’s brand & story that may entice someone to apply for a job. Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are tools that recruiters can utilize for free to draw in a  good quantity of applicants, then an Applicant Tracking System like talentReef can be used to find the quality hires needed. Screening and Scoring applicants is key to keeping the cost of recruiting and the cost of turnover low. In today’s market it’s super important to weed out the qualified vs unqualified to ensure your future employee will be happy and content with their job for many years to come. My personal experience here at talentReef has been all about the culture and brand. Having good quality co-workers are what allows me to thrive in my day to day tasks and allows me to challenge myself to take my role above and beyond.  

Watch the pre-recorded Pro-Recruiting webinar to learn how you can find, hire, and manage your hourly workforce with the talentReef solution to find your quality hire.

Cassie Altbrandt

Senior Sales Operations Coordinator

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