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Leveraging Mobile to Empower Your Applicants, Managers, and Employees

Today candidates are craving a mobile application. Managers are on the go, which means 24/7 access to new candidates is essential. Employees need a centralized accessible environment to review on-boarding documents, trainings and performance management. If you do not have a mobile-driven ATS, think to yourself as a business owner or operator, how is this effecting my day to day business?

By creating a seamless experience for a business end-user this directly empowers not only applicants but day to day managers and employees. It is essential that a hiring platform be smartphone compatible as well as be easy to use via tablet or any other device that has internet. An agnostic approach is also very helpful whether it’s an iPhone, Android or Blackberry. At the end of the day as a hiring institution you want your candidates to feel excited about their application not struggle to load screening questions or give up half way through because the experience is too long. As a millennial, my life is centered around what will be the most empowering experience. If my Uber takes too long to arrive, I cancel. If my Postmates can’t find my address, I cancel. What is to stop a 17-year-old who is apply for their first job or a back of house line cook from giving up on a clunky system? They will!

I strongly advise readers to thoroughly explore options that make their employees and candidates excited to work for them. It’s the simple things in life, or so I have been told, and I could not agree more! By having a mobile application, candidates can apply within minutes, managers can mobiley hire these candidates and get back to their day to day and perhaps more importantly, managers can have a very simple system to access employee files. By simplifying the hiring and maintaining of your workforce you will find a more empowered workforce. If your organization is in need of some exciting new advancements look into a great tool like talentReef!

Caitlin Schnell

Director of Solution Consulting

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