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Jumpstart Your Post-COVID Re-Emergence Strategy

Businesses who’ve recently been hit with uncertain, financially challenging times are once again shifting and adapting their hiring strategies – but this time, it’s in preparation for states and cities to reopen, and for a rise in demand. Business as usual will not look like it did this time last year, with contactless employee sourcing and hiring becoming the new normal. We’ve identified four best practices for employers to implement that will attract candidates, keep sourcing and hiring touchless, rehire furloughed or laid off employees, and reduce costs.

Here are two of our four best practices that will help you adopt a contactless employee sourcing and hiring strategy for the post-COVID world – for all four best practices, check out our datasheet.


Get the Word Out: Contactless Recruitment Marketing

Have you implemented new policies and processes in response to COVID-19 such as space between customers and/or employees, coronavirus testing, privacy protocols, and more? It’s important to update your career pages and job postings to educate your candidates on the measures you’re taking to keep employees and customers safe, and what they can expect if they become an employee. It’s also helpful to provide your plans for reopening, and what the hiring process will look like as you ramp back up.


Contactless Sourcing, Hiring, and Onboarding

Contactless sourcing, hiring, and onboarding is essential in maintaining social distancing while ensuring a streamlined, efficient process. Ramping up your contactless hiring efforts sooner than later will help you scale for demand in the coming weeks and months – here are some quick wins and best practices:

  • Tap into your talent community with information on new job postings, or upcoming open roles.
  • Expedite the applicant review process by pre-screening applicants, so you can act quickly when quality applicants apply.
  • Post your updated job postings across all available job boards and enable candidates to quick apply.
  • Onboard employees before they start on their first day so they can hit the ground running. Digital trainings will bring them up to speed on how to perform their duties and will inform them of any COVID-19 protocols you have in place.

Once you have your career pages and job postings updated, you’ll need to be strategic about your marketing material. For walk-in traffic, a great way capture interest in a touchless manner is by providing Snapchat codes, QR codes, and the ability to text-to-apply.


In addition to getting the word out and practicing contactless sourcing, hiring, and onboarding, there are great ways to cut recruiting and rehiring costs, and rehire furloughed or laid off employees. As we migrate towards a new normal, it’ll be important for employers to save time and money and be able to focus on what really matters – their business. We’re partnering closely with current customers and new customers to jumpstart a winning strategy that tackles every base of re-emerging after COVID.

TalentReef Team

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