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HR Tech and the Franchise Model

Franchising has been around for decades to help expand businesses.  From fast growing, up and comers to well established, mega national brands, the franchisee/franchisor model can be seen from restaurants, retail stores, and hotels to gyms, cleaning services, home health, and beyond.

The franchisee and franchisor relationship is often a powerful partnership that can produce benefits to both parties and build a strong brand. Each franchisor offers different support and benefits to their franchisees and there are even some standards that are defined by the NLRB’s joint employer.  Though joint employer is a constant political debate for today’s politicians, there are some best practices that both the franchisor and franchisee can take to protect themselves, especially with technology.

Most HR technology platforms out there are not built for the intricacies of the service industry workforce and cannot adequately support the franchise model.  talentReef is designed specifically for the dynamic interdependencies of franchisors and franchisees.  talentReef’s flexible HR technology platform provides a clear separation between franchisee and franchisor while simultaneously supplying franchises with the ability to uphold shared best practices and consistent branding.  System infrastructure effectively protects and supports the franchise model regardless of what happens with the ever-evolving joint employer legislation.

Key benefits talentReef can offer franchisors:

  • Ability to offer best practices while providing the franchisee the ability to customize
  • Ability to customize applicant workflows through the centralized corporate recruiting website
  • Separate onboarding and hiring practices for corporate and franchisees

Key benefits talentReef can offer franchisees:

  • Ability to leverage corporate branding while maintaining franchisee specific recruitment presence
  • Adopt best practices from corporate while having customizable options
  • Franchisee specific platform for policies and training
  • Process flows and technology to keep compliant

If you are a franchisor or a franchisee, now is the time to evaluate your recruiting and talent management technology.  Request a demo of the talentReef platform today!

Abby Sandbach

Vice President of Marketing

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