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Going Mobile - You Need to be There

Today’s workforce has gotten into the habit of doing everything they can via a mobile device. When it comes to having a meal, they hop on their phone, click on an app and boom food can be delivered right to their door. Online shopping? Yes, with a click of a button they can be in debt in a matter of minutes!

The same mentality goes when looking for jobs.  Millennials want to search for jobs at the touch of their fingers. Therefore, having a mobile application is the easier and more efficient way to do hiring today. Even if an applicant walks into a store or restaurant, they don’t want to have to fill out a sheet of paper that they know will be buried under stacks of other applications.  They expect to be given a URL to enter all their information. By one simple search, they are able to create an account and apply to the company and jump start their career!

I personally can be lazy at times, but if something can be done by phone, I will do it in a heartbeat. As a manager, mobile applications make the application and screening process more organized. Once they know a certain application has been submitted, one simple click of a button can change them to a hired employee and get them onboarded quickly. A mobile application process can eliminate stress on the applicant as well as the manager.  Millennials have more confidence expressing themselves via email or an online presence which will help them get closer to having a secured job.  I know when I was applying for jobs, I was able to go through a mobile application without worrying if I was saying something wrong and having a manager judge me just because I was so nervous.  With everything being digital, managers then can quickly go through new applicants to find quality candidates based on their responses.  Of course, there still needs to be an interview process, but a mobile application just ensures that managers are bringing in quality applicants for those interviews, so they can focus more on their everyday duties.

Who knew it could be this easy to apply via mobile device and onboard an applicant in a more timely and efficient way!  Find out more about how to find, hire, and manage your hourly workforce with talentReef’s mobile-optimized Social Recruiting and Applicant Tracking System. talentReef can even help managers with the interview process by giving extra probing questions where an applicant didn’t score as high.

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Authored by Cassie Altbrandt, Senior Sales Operations Coordinator

Cassie Altbrandt

Senior Sales Operations Coordinator

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