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New Employee Onboarding: 5 Ways to Make Your Process Quick and Seamless

One of the most time-consuming, often paper-intensive tasks of talent management – onboarding. Not to mention, one missed field on an important form can be a bad day for compliance. For some companies, onboarding a new hourly worker can take up to a day to process.

According to SHRM, on average, companies lose 17% of new hires during their first three months of employment due to a poor onboarding experience. Without a quick, reliable, repeatable, and educational onboarding process, you may be missing a huge opportunity to obtain talent. A new employee’s experience throughout the onboarding process is one of the most important parts of the employee lifecycle – and, it’s likely this experience will be shared with the employee’s peers, family, and social media following.

So, how do you enable hiring managers to onboard new employees quickly, while creating a positive experience that saves time and money?


Enable Your Managers with the Right Tech

When it comes to onboarding new employees and starting off on the right foot, managers need to be able to track onboarding processes online and inform new hires of any outstanding paperwork or missed steps that need to be completed. They’ll also need to create and edit forms on-demand and digitally, alongside a whole host of self-service needs. This will require a strong talent management system.


Go Mobile

Having a fully mobile-optimized and contactless experience enables new hires to complete all of their new hire paperwork remotely, including being able to digitally sign your company handbook as well as key forms such as I9 and W4 – so they can show up for their first shift ready to go.


Have Training Digitally Available

With the flood of new policies, regulations, and protocols stemming from COVID, onboarding training has become critical. New hires can watch videos and engage with other training resources remotely to ensure your employees remain complaint.


Make it Branded

With onboarding, speed is key – but so is creating a fun onboarding experience that speaks to your brand. Try adding images and videos as a part of the onboarding experience to promote your brand, your values, and your mission.


Make it Integrated

Packaging up and sending new hire data to other business critical applications such as payroll in an automated way is essential to completing the onboarding process. It’ll save you a lot of time and headache, too.


Having a streamlined onboarding experience is essential to capturing and retaining talent, and making your hiring managers’ lives easier. It’ll save your business time – and therefore, money – and show your brand in a professional light while setting new employees up for success. Make sure you have the right technology to automate processes, integrate with important third parties, and make onboarding and compliance a breeze for managers and employees.

Tim Leonard

A proven software visionary and entrepreneur, Tim is the Chief Innovation Officer of TalentReef, where he is passionate and focused in leading the company's product innovation and strategic roadmap.

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