Employee Experience: Understanding the Importance of Recognition in the Employee Journey

Posted by Abby Sandbach on 4/25/19 7:49 AM

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One important area of the employee experience is recognition.  ITA Group states, “high-recognition companies have 31% lower voluntary turnover than companies with poor recognition cultures.”  The younger generations of today have driven this recognition culture, but employees of all ages seem to be responding positively. 

With the abundance of likes and shares from Facebook posts to Instagram stories to Yelp reviews, people have become conditioned to expect instant recognition for their efforts.  This has carried over to the workplace.   Gamification and public recognition have become critical to workers.  Gone are the days when a once a year employee review provides enough feedback.  Employees expect instant feedback when they do something that isn’t as expected (both positive and negative) and instant recognition when they go above and beyond.  It has become commonplace practice that workers expect to have ongoing, informal communication with their managers, and they expect to have visibility into goals and potential upward mobility.  And, most research shows that instant feedback is the most effective way to correct or encourage behavior. 

Instant feedback and recognition can be difficult to enact, especially in a decentralized environment such as the service industry, but perhaps those workers need it more than the white-collar employees who sit in front of computers and who are connected to email all day.  Most service industry, hourly workers don’t have corporate communication systems.  With technology like talentReef, service industry businesses now have the opportunity to provide continual and consistent communication to their hourly, field workers. 

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