Employee Experience: Understanding the Employee Journey

Posted by Abby Sandbach on 4/11/19 10:58 AM

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How would employees at your company describe their experience working there?  Would you describe your employment experience in the same way?  Would you say you’ve had a quality, positive experience?

In general, most modern workers seek out a quality employment experience, one that pays the bills and offers advancement opportunities, but also one they enjoy and are engaged with, has a good company culture, and offers a purpose and social responsibility. This experience is summed up by a combination of interactions employees have with their employer—from the culture and employment brand to the technology and tools employees use.  It is the full journey an employee takes with a company.  According to the ITA Group, the “employee experience is all about how your employees interact with, feel about and respond to all the people, places and things in your organization.”

Understanding this employee journey and experience is critical for companies if they want to strategically impact recruiting and retention efforts.  The technology used on the job influences the experience.  If technology is difficult to use, employees will become frustrated, and it could lead to a negative experience.  And vice versa.  This doesn’t just apply to the POS system or the fry machine, it also applies to the HR technology the employees used from the time they applied for their job to the new hire, onboarding paperwork, to their reviews and recognition.  In order to understand the experience, you must encapsulate everything an employee interacts with along their journey.  Understanding the impact employee experience has on your workforce can lead to a greater understanding and improvements for recruiting and retention and can help companies focus their efforts for positive results.

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