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Effective Interviewing in the Service Industry

Mass applications, a revolving door of open positions, a diverse workforce, and field managers facing the majority of the hiring responsibility; these are only a few of the complexities that the service industry faces on a regular basis that many other industries don’t deal with to the same extent.  These challenges make it that much more important to hire right, from the start.  And hiring right often begins with the interview.

Field managers are not HR professionals who have years of experience interviewing candidates and asking the appropriate questions.  Yet, field managers do most interviewing and hiring in the service industry.  Because of this, it is critical that service industry businesses build a consistent interview approach to mitigate these challenges by offering support and training to managers while also identifying key attributes in candidates that make a person successful in the organization.  Identifying these attributes help managers hire candidates that fit company culture which helps ensure longer retention.

Top tips to help managers effectively interview candidates:

  1. Offer job auditions- Give your candidates actual work during the interview. This allows the candidate to have a better idea of what the job entails while giving the manager an idea of how they will work under pressure.
  2. Let the candidate do the talking- The interviewer should never talk more than the interviewee.
  3. Don’t ghost the candidate- It is important that your field managers know to always follow up with candidates. It is the professional thing to do.
  4. Ask probing questions- Once a candidate has filled out an application and completed an assessment, it is important that the manager digs deeper into the responses. These questions will help identify if the candidate can handle the job responsibilities as well as help identify if they are a cultural fit. (This might be the one tip that requires the most training.)

The talentReef recruit to retain platform helps quickly identify the top-quality applicants by leveraging talentReef's position-related screening tool and industry-specific assessments. These tools provide managers with a resulting report card that includes a helpful interview guide & probing questions to assist in a formal interview to help make smarter hiring decisions.  See how we can help your field managers today, schedule a demo.

Abby Sandbach

Vice President of Marketing

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