Effective Franchisee and Franchisor Recruiting

Posted by Caitlin Schnell on 4/8/19 12:02 PM

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Creating and cultivating an effective recruiting strategy in today’s tight labor market is quite difficult.  With unemployment at an all-time low, many businesses are struggling to source the perfect candidate. After several years of speaking with operators on a daily basis, I have come to realize that there are common dominators in driving great candidates into your open positions. The franchisee, franchisor model is very unique, and this model offers many benefits and tools to make recruiting effortless, if the right hiring strategy is in place.

To begin, as a franchisee, the Joint Employer Act offers the ability or choice for you or your specific location(s) to implement its own recruiting strategy. Many franchisors will provide or offer recruiting assistance to increase adoption rate for a consistent hiring process. Vendors like talentReef offer the ability for franchisees to lean on or use best practice work flows for hiring tools and on-boarding documents without mandating specific items. As a franchisee it is very important to seek out a vendor that will offer the most flexibility yet best in breed knowledge of their franchisor space. Not every vendor has worked with a franchisor and as a franchisee this knowledge brings a blue printed strategy to assist with an effortless roll out.

It may be stressful to move systems or uproot a paper process, however, aligning with a vendor that can achieve 100% compliance and drive top candidates at an obtainable cost, should be top of mind. Chris Joseph from bizfluien.com states, “In the early stages, the franchisor is responsible for "nurturing" the franchisee by providing the training and guidance necessary to ensure the success of the unit. As time goes by and the franchisee becomes more self-sufficient, the franchisor often allows the franchisee greater latitude, assuming the franchisee demonstrates the ability to operate efficiently.” (https://bizfluent.com/info-10064161-franchisor-vs-franchisee.html). talentReef has partnered with several franchisors and the model is not a one size fits all and as stated above, as the franchisee has become more self sufficient, recruiting only becomes easier. Having implanted several different approaches that fit both the franchisee and franchisor has offered the ability for both parties to keep daily business high and turnover low.

To conclude, as a franchisee it is important to align yourself with a recruiting partner that will help drive candidates over the finish line. Understanding the landscape of where candidate are today while offering a compliant approach has allowed groups like talentReef to achieve the perfect recipe. If you’re a franchisee or a franchisor and are looking for an innovative tool, you have come to the right place. The talentReef team is dedicated to bridging this gap and would love to show you many success stories! You’re not alone in the war for talent, why not partner with a vendor that has expertise in your space?

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