Benefits of Automating HR Processes

Posted by Abby Sandbach on 11/5/18 9:53 AM

In talent management, compliance, service industry

So many of the processes associated with Human Resources are filled with large amounts of paperwork.  Everything from the process of sorting through one application after another to recruit the best candidate; to all the paperwork associated with new hires starting with the company; to facilitating, testing, and tracking training; and to evaluating employees with performance reviews and warnings; traditionally, each process is time consuming and paper intensive:

  • Applications
  • Federal W-4, I-9, and state forms
  • Signed company policy documents and handbooks
  • Direct Deposit information 
  • Tax Credit Processing
  • Training documentation
  • Performance Reviews and Warnings
  • More

That’s a lot of paper to manage and time to commit to a manual and often tedious process. Every one of these processes can be automated with a talent management platform, yet so many businesses still handle many of these processes manually.  In a decentralized environment, such as the service industry, where many hands are involved with the hiring and managing of employees, not automating these processes runs many risks, from inconsistent practices in recruiting, training and performance management to compliance risks of onboarding and paper files.

Automation of all kinds can save time and money, and when it comes to HR processes, the result is the same. Some common benefits businesses see when they choose to automate include: 

  • Time savings from a shorter recruiting and onboarding process — faster ramp-up time for new employees
  • Better data security and improved document accuracy and completeness
  • Increase in E-Verify compliance
  • Increase in tax credits
  • Standardized processes across all locations/positions/departments

talentReef helps automate these paper-intensive, time consuming HR processes. The platform helps reduce administrative costs, standardize practices, ensure compliance and optimize tax credit processing.  Request a demo and learn more.

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