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Benefits of an Integrated Solution

Having an integrated, mobile solution is incredibly important from both the job seeker’s standpoint and the employer’s. Most hourly job seekers are spending the majority of their time behind a computer or mobile device searching for jobs with just a simple click of a button. From a field manager’s perspective, they are always on the go and not always sitting behind a desk. An Integrated, mobile solution will allow for a quick organized and more simplistic way to get those quality candidates hired.  Some valuable integrations include: tax credits, assessments, background checks, etc.

One of the most valuable integrations that can have a monetary impact to an organization are Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC).  WOTC has been around for 30 years and is a joint venture between the Department of Labor and IRS. This is a program that offers employers the opportunity to collect tax credits that are realized on their federal tax credit statement. talentReef ‘s integrated WOTC process with our tax credit processing partner streamlines and makes the process easy for both the applicant and company. The people who qualify for these tax credits are usually veterans, the long term unemployed, people who are receiving food stamps, or anyone who is on a government assistance program.  There are four steps to qualify a candidate for WOTC which includes; screening, submitting, certifying, and claiming. Your business can get back anywhere from $1,200-$9,000 per candidate depending on where they qualify and fall into the process. This program really can incentive managers to hire these candidates.

If the candidate wishes to participate they will take a brief eligibility survey that is integrated right into the talentReef application process. Our tax credit partner then takes on the heavy lifting to prepare and submit the applications to the different state agencies. Your company can then claim this credit on your federal tax return.

talentReef also partners with assessment and background check providers that integrate right into the talentReef system. The assessment questions are behavioral and cognitively scored which can really tier to better qualify a candidate. Those questions are then rated on a 5-star rating to help weed out the unqualified vs qualified. The goal of all talentReef’s integrations is to allow for your managers to login to one central platform rather than jumping around to multiple systems. Everything is then kept and stored in the talentReef system for ease of use.

See a demo to learn more about the talentReef system and how our partners have made for an easy integrated process.

Authored by Cassie Altbrandt, Senior Sales Operations Coordinator

Cassie Altbrandt

Senior Sales Operations Coordinator

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