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Jesse Applehans

Jesse Applehans

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The Onboarding Experience; A Key Contributor to Employee Retention

By | on 03, May 2019 |   Employee Engagement Onboarding

Retention strategies are often thought of as tactics used to re-engage existing employees and reduce their likelihood of leaving after a period of employment.  In reality, retention should be thought [...]

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Minimizing applicant drop-off while maximizing quality applicant flow

By | on 07, Jan 2019 |   Recruiting Applicant Tracking

Constructing an effective job application in today’s market requires creating an appropriate balance between simplicity and quality control. More often than not, job seekers will quit in the middle of[...]

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Building Brand & Culture Across a decentalized workforce

By | on 31, Aug 2018 |   Hourly Workforce Employee Engagement

Maintaining organizational consistency and building a strong employer brand can be one of the toughest challenges when operating across a decentralized work environment.  Subtle changes in your approa[...]

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The Chill of I-9 Complaince

By | on 16, Jul 2018 |   Compliance Onboarding

“In 2017, ICE audited 1,360 organizations, resulting in 71 indictments and 55 convictions of business owners and managers.”

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Reporting: You are Only As Good As Your Data

By | on 01, Jun 2018 |

Have you ever wondered how long it actually takes from the time you hire someone to the time they get out on the floor as an active employee?  Ever wished you could see which recruiting avenue drives [...]

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Convenient Hiring for Convenience Stores

By | on 15, May 2018 |

Convenience stores rely heavily on their employees to provide a quality customer experience and promote their products, but historically it has been a challenge in the industry to recruit talent.

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