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Cassie Altbrandt

Cassie Altbrandt

Senior Sales Operations Coordinator

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Retail Recruiting 101

By | on 24, Sep 2018 |   Hourly Workforce Recruiting

One question, what is the hardest part about dealing with the retail industry’s workforce? Answer, massive amounts of turnover and finding the right hire.

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Pro-Active Recruiting: Part 1

By | on 09, Jul 2018 |   Hourly Workforce Recruiting

I had the pleasure of hearing a great thought leadership webinar presented by two of my talentReef co-workers about Pro-Active Recruiting. The webinar was about tips, tricks and trends we see in today[...]

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Benefits of an Integrated Solution

By | on 15, May 2018 |

Having an integrated, mobile solution is incredibly important from both the job seeker’s standpoint and the employer’s. Most hourly job seekers are spending the majority of their time behind a compute[...]

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Going Mobile - You Need to be There

By | on 15, May 2018 |

Today’s workforce has gotten into the habit of doing everything they can via a mobile device. When it comes to having a meal, they hop on their phone, click on an app and boom food can be delivered ri[...]

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