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5 Ways to Increase Applicant Flow

Whether you are new at Human Resources or an HR pro or recruiter with twenty years under your belt, from time-to-time, you will hit applicant flow hiccups.  This will especially be the case when unemployment is low, and the job market is in the job seeker’s/employee’s favor.

To find the best employees, you first need to find the best possible candidates.  To do so, you will need to sort through a lot of applicants. Your applicant tracking system (ATS) will help automate this process and might be able to help increase the number of applications you receive.

If you feel you aren’t getting enough applicants, there are some things that can be done to spur on applications.  Here are five things to increase application flow:

  1. Referral Programs- In life, people often associate with other like-minded people similar to themselves.  If you have a good employee, the chances are that employee knows a few people who may also be good employees. On average, 4 out of 10 hires come from referrals while only 7% of all applicants are from referrals. Employees from referrals also tend to stay on the job longer than most other sources.  To make your life easier, your ATS should offer a trackable method for referrals to help incentivize employees to refer people to your open positions.
  2. Generic applications and candidate experiences don’t work anymore- Your careers page needs to wow your potential candidates.  Ask yourself this, does your company careers page reflect your company culture and offer the applicants a visually appealing experience with videos and imagery that is eye-catching? It might sound strange but that matters.  You must stand out!
  3. Share jobs anywhere and everywhere- Job seekers of every generation are turning to social media to find new jobs. Make sure you aren’t missing out on quality applicants via the different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Glassdoor, etc.).  Not only is it easy for companies to post to the different social sites, but they are also an easy way for your employees to share your posts to promote your jobs.
  4. Indeed Apply and Google Jobs- Love ‘em or hate ‘em, job boards are the classified ads of the twenty-first century.  They are an easy spot for applicants to find several jobs all at once.  In recent years, Indeed has dominated the job search engine market.  Their seamless integration with applicant tracking systems via Indeed Apply can help increase applicant flow (some talentReef clients have seen applicant flow increase by up to 70% with Indeed Apply).  As with many things, even Google has hopped on the job search train with Google Jobs.  I’m sure they will give Indeed a run for their money in the years ahead.
  5. Talent Community- Most companies build a sales pipeline so that they have a continuous flow of business.  Why not build a talent pipeline so that your company has a continuous flow of applicants?  A Talent Community can be built right in your ATS.  When candidates are on your careers page but aren’t ready to apply for an open position, they need to have a place where they can sign up to hear more about your company and future positions.  From this list of potential candidates, you can pro-actively recruit when and if the time is right.

Whether you need applicants now or will need them five months from now, it is important to have the proper steps in place so that you are ready when needed. 

Learn more about how talentReef can help with your applicant needs by requesting a demo.

Authored by Abby Sandbach, Vice President of Markeitng

Abby Sandbach

Vice President of Marketing

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