5 Helpful Tips for Recruiting and retaining top talent in the Hourly Workforce

Posted by Abby Sandbach on 10/2/18 3:19 PM

Now that you know the major human resource trends impacting the service industry’s hourly workforce, it is critical that your business finds an all-in-one, simple platform that can effectively engage, recruit, and retain your employees.  An HCM platform built for the service industry should be tailored to your recruiting approach and allow a business to integrate top recruiting sources and recruiting strategy while driving adoption and time savings for applicants, managers, and employees.

Here are 5 helpful tips for recruiting and retaining top talent in the hourly workforce with technology:

  1. Reach and Engage Hourly Applicants Across Every Avenue: Cast the widest net possible by leveraging job sites/job boards, text-to-apply, social media outlets, referral programs, and a branded company careers page to ensure a successful recruitment approach that stays up-to-date with candidate behaviors.
  2. Ease-of-Use: Mobile, Mobile, Mobile: Maximize applicant traffic and application completion rates by providing a mobile-friendly experience, seamlessly integrating with job sites/job boards, and offering text-to-apply capabilities.
  3. Refuse to Settle for a “One-Size-Fits-All” Solution: Recruiting strategies and screening efforts need to be customized and configurable in order to receive the best possible results. It’s critical to have a recruiting strategy and application that is tailored specifically to your industry, brand, positions, and target market.
  4. People Drive Your Business in the Service Industry: Cater to your audience and optimize your employer brand. Determine what factors are most important to applicants and employees in your industry, then align your process and content with your top priorities.
  5. Consistent Check-Ins, Feedback, and Recognition are a Must for Today’s Workforce: Traditional performance reviews just don’t cut it in the hourly space. Continuous check-ins, feedback, and recognition coupled with goal-based evaluations keep your employees engaged and aligned with business objectives. These “connected” employees will become your employer brand ambassadors. 

talentReef’s market-leading recruiting & talent management platform has helped thousands of service industry locations recruit to retain their workforce.  The talentReef system was built with the hourly workforce in mind.  With 16 million applicants applying through the system a year, talentReef has gained a knowledgebase of expertise to recruit top-tier candidates and retain exceptional employees.  Schedule a demo to see how the system can help your business.

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