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4 Signs Your ATS was Not Built for a Decentralized, Hourly Workforce

Was your ATS purpose-built for the recruiting and hiring of your hourly workforce?  Businesses that hire predominately hourly workers are challenged with different recruiting and hiring intricacies.  Hourly workforces are multi-generational; can have an extreme range of educational and experiential backgrounds; and continually face high turnover.  This is compounded by the fact your hiring managers are not HR professionals. 

Here are four signs that your ATS wasn’t built for your hourly, decentralized workforce:

  1. You have low applicant flow - The industry you are in faces very high turnover.  Does your current system offer Evergreen job postings?  Your evergreen job postings need constant visibility to deliver sufficient applicant flow.
  2. You face low field adoption - Field managers who are responsible for running the store and managing hiring need purpose-built tools to meet the way they work.  That means easy workflows and requisition management built for them and that are focused on the characteristics of the hourly worker.
  3. Your system doesn’t offer applicant pooling - In a decentralized workforce, one location might have an applicant who is a good fit but may not have an open position.  Your ATS needs to be able to automatically share applicants with your nearby locations.  With today’s historically low unemployment rates, a great applicant needs timely attention, or they are lost to your competitor. 
  4. Your career page offers little to no branding - Beyond wage and hour, applicants are searching for your employment brand and why they should work for you.  Tell your story in-line with your openings with mobile-driven micro-sites.  

If any of these signs ring true for you, it’s time to evaluate a Recruitment Marketing Engine, Applicant Tracking System, and Onboarding platform that is built for your applicants, managers, and YOUR business.  Request a demo today to see how the talentReef system was purpose-built for the decentralized, hourly workforce.

Abby Sandbach

Vice President of Marketing



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