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3 Tips for a Top-Tier recruiting strategy

Recruiting in the Service Industry is unlike recruiting for white-collar businesses.  Service Industry operators, HR professionals, recruiters, and hiring managers experience high turnover, quick hiring, and often times a cumbersome process not built for their industry.

Over the last year, talentReef has cultivated 3 Tips for a Top-Tier Recruiting Strategy:

  1. Text Communications- Texting apps are the most frequently used apps on a smartphone with 97% of Americans using it at least once a day. Text-to-Apply functionality has allowed employers to capture mobile-driven candidates and increase the ease-of-use in applying for potential candidates.  Are you “text-savvy” yet?
Benefits of Text-to Apply:
  • Build interest with your unique text code
  • Reduce applicant drop-off
  • Capture a larger pool of applicants
  • Quickly get job seekers to your localized job opportunities
  1. Employee Experience- Understanding the employee experience is critical for companies to succeed, especially those in competitive environments like the service industry. Impacting an employee’s experience can be uniquely difficult in these industries where traditionally, tools have not been designed for the hourly workforce.

    Having an employee experience initiative that provides employees with the tools to help them accel at their work can help businesses attract talent, build a strong culture, create an engaging environment, recognize achievements, boost productivity, and most importantly, build brand loyalty.

Tools that Engage the Workforce

  • Instant Feedback
  • Social Recognition
  • Just-in-Time Training
  • Pulse Surveying
  • Enhanced Self-Service
  1. The Talent Acquisition Dilemma- In the service industry, recruiting and hiring is fast moving. Applications are in mass and turnover is high. For years, many organizations were looking to fill an open position versus hiring the best fit with long term retention as the goal.

When creating a recruiting strategy, companies need retention to be part of that strategy.  This means hiring for cultural fit, engaging candidates from the beginning so that their candidate experience sets the stage for their employee experience.

Tools to help recruit to retain include:

  • Accessible, mobile applications, onboarding, recognition and reviews
  • Easy-to-complete applications that aren’t overly long and cumbersome for hourly workers
  • Proper pre-screening tools to assess candidates’ personality traits and behaviors, ensuring a match that goes beyond core job requirements

Learn more about these tips in talentReef’s Recruiting and Talent Management Annual Report.

Abby Sandbach

Vice President of Marketing



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