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What comes to mind with the words Applicant Flow? This might conjure up bad thoughts and be a dirty word for some HR professionals and recruiters.

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Seasonal Hiring

Many businesses in the Service Industry are starting to prep for their holiday business, this includes hiring seasonal employees.  According to the National Retail Federation, service industry businesses will hire 640,000 to 690,000 seasonal workers this holiday season. Though Service Industry hiring always has to be fast, seasonal hiring has to be fast and is mass. It is a short-term game that usually demands high-volume results. The result is often a huge stack of paper applications sitting on top of someone’s desk, counter, or filing cabinet, daring the hiring manager to dive in and start interviewing candidates.

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5 Helpful Tips for Recruiting and retaining top talent in the Hourly Workforce

Now that you know the major human resource trends impacting the service industry’s hourly workforce, it is critical that your business finds an all-in-one, simple platform that can effectively engage, recruit, and retain your employees.  An HCM platform built for the service industry should be tailored to your recruiting approach and allow a business to integrate top recruiting sources and recruiting strategy while driving adoption and time savings for applicants, managers, and employees.

The Hourly Workforce Trends

Talent Acquisition and Talent Management in the service industry’s heavily hourly dominated workforce is not the same as Talent Acquisition and Talent Management in traditional, white collar, office environments.  Hiring and managing employees in those two worlds is like night and day.  Recruiting and hiring in the service industry includes mass hiring, extremely high turnover (numbers that other industries have never experienced), and very diverse workforces- including diverse ethnicities, diverse educations, and diverse backgrounds.

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Effective Interviewing in the Service Industry

Mass applications, a revolving door of open positions, a diverse workforce, and field managers facing the majority of the hiring responsibility; these are only a few of the complexities that the service industry faces on a regular basis that many other industries don’t deal with to the same extent.  These challenges make it that much more important to hire right, from the start.  And hiring right often begins with the interview.

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Become an Employer of Choice to Recruit to retain your hourly workforce

Finding people to hire is a constant battle in the service industry. With the unemployment rate being lower than 5% across the country, and in some areas even lower than 3%, it is more important than ever to get your jobs seen by all applicants and to hire quickly while also engaging your workforce to tamp down turnover where you can.

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