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The Definitive Guide to Recruiting: Think Like a Marketer

What is Recruitment Marketing? According to Tech Target, “Recruitment marketing is the process of building an organization's employer brand to attract top talent.” A strong employer brand can significantly impact whether applicants want to work for a company or not. HR professionals need to think like Marketers when it comes to recruiting to ensure positive candidate impressions.

For years now, Marketers have been using technology to help promote consumer brand and understand consumer behaviors. Technology has allowed Marketers to personalize the consumer brand experience and be visible anywhere and everywhere. This is exactly what HR professionals need to do with recruitment marketing technology.

Top recruitment marketing initiatives every HR professional needs to incorporate into their recruiting plans:

  • Create Employment Videos- Video is the #1 consumed resource on the Internet and allow companies to easily highlight social responsibility, career development, and culture.
  • Utilize Search Engines- Candidates need to be able to do a simple Google search to find jobs.
  • Don’t be Afraid of Social Media- Promote jobs where the applicants can be found, on the social sites.
  • Build Talent Communities to Pro-actively Email Candidates- Tailor campaigns to your candidate database to stay relevant and top of mind while personalizing the messaging.
  • Track Metrics- Analyze sourcing data for what works and what doesn’t.

Learn more about tips for success in recruiting by downloading the Definitive Guide to Recruiting.

Abby Sandbach

Vice President of Marketing



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