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The Definitive Guide to Recruiting: Recruit to Retain

Turnover is inevitable, but that doesn't mean the end goal shouldn't be retention, in fact, to tamp down turnover, your recruiting strategy should focus on retention. Employee engagement and the relationships employees build on the job are key to employee retention.

With unemployment at historic lows and talent pools more shallow than ever before, it is critical that retention is a part of the recruitment strategy. Unfortunately, many service industry companies often are put into a predicament where they hire just to fill an opening because they are in desperate need. Those "warm bodies" often aren’t a good cultural fit and leave the company in relative short order. With turnover costs $2000-$3000 per employee coupled with 76%+ turnover, the costs can be detrimental to a business.

To help solve for this, companies need:

  • Pre-screening tools to assess potential talent – pre-screening for a cashier position may need to be different
    from the open driving position or back of house opening.
  • The process to fit hourly worker's experience and not be overly long and cumbersome.
  • To ask the right questions at the right time for the right positions.
  • Assessments that analyze a candidate’s personality traits and behaviors, ensuring a match that goes beyond
    core job requirements.

Learn more about tips for success in recruiting to retaining by downloading the Definitive Guide to Recruiting.

Abby Sandbach

Vice President of Marketing



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