Keeping Compliant in 2018

Posted by Mike Krohn on 5/15/18 3:39 PM

Many people have publicly expressed their concerns regarding the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raiding 100 7-Eleven Stores to send a strong message to employers about the consequences of hiring unauthorized workers. The federal government has issued warnings, employment audits and even raids to ensure that businesses are not employing unauthorized workers.

ICE's acting executive associate director, Derek Brenner, stated “This is what we’re gearing up for this year, and what you’re going to see more and more of is these large-scale compliance inspections, just for starters. It’s not going to be limited to large companies or any particular industry, big medium and small. It’s going to be inclusive of everything that we see out there.” 

It doesn’t look like Brenner and ICE were bluffing as more raids have since taken place.

Compliance among I-9's, E-Verify and other authorization documents has never been so crucial to employers.

Failure to adhere to these federal standards can result in hefty fines and, in certain extreme cases, arrests. Most businesses will not be affected by this unprecedented increase in compliance inspections, but it's important to be wary of the situation and the potential ramifications. 

talentReef helps to ensure 100% compliance in the hiring and onboarding process so employers don't need to worry about potentially violating these federal standards. talentReef has a direct integration with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that in the unlikely event of an ICE audit, businesses will have accurate documentation to prevent fines.

Request a demo to see how talentReef can help you and your hiring managers to stay compliant.

Authored by Mike Krohn, Business Development Manager

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