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Posted by Abby Sandbach on 5/15/18 9:51 AM

Whether you operate a restaurant, a grocery store, a convenience store, a retail establishment, or a hotel, many service industry companies with a predominantly hourly workforce face similar problems – hiring the wrong people and fighting high turnover.  Why do service industry companies continue to have these issues? Because companies continue to hire employees who are a poor match for their jobs and their company.

Unfortunately, many service industry companies often are put into a predicament where they hire a “warm body” just to fill an opening because they are in desperate need.  Those warm bodies often aren’t good cultural fits and leave the company in relative short order. When turnover costs $2000-$3000 per employee and 76% plus of your workforce turns over year after year, those end up being expensive warm bodies.

But how can companies stop hiring the wrong people and tamp down turnover?  The simple answer—the right assessments and background checks during the recruiting and application process.  There is a fine line on what those right assessments and background checks are for service industry companies.  When hourly candidates are filling out their applications, the process needs to fit their experience and not be overly long and cumbersome like assessments involved in hiring white collar, non-service industry positions. And not every position requires the same background check, especially when time is of the essence.

The key is to ask the right questions at the right time for the right positions.  The talentReef recruiting platform leverages integrated industry-centric assessments that analyze a candidate’s personality traits and behaviors.  These assessments help highlight candidates who are the best fit for open positions ensuring a match that goes beyond core job requirements, focusing on skills and positive personality traits.

The system also easily integrates with background checks to make sure the positions that need appropriate screening have it, whether that be for positions that manage money, require driving records or just for peace of mind.

The combination of talentReef’s ATS with integrated assessments and background checks provides service industry companies with best practices to recruit to retain and hire with confidence while reducing turnover and possibly increasing customer service with quality employees to boost company success.  Learn more about the talentReef hiring solution today.

Authored by Abby Sandbach, Vice President of Marketing

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