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Engaging with System Users

Everyone knows that in order to be a successful business, one must keep their customers happy. Being a software company in the service industry, keeping the hourly workers satisfied is one of the most important components to our success because they are the backbone of our clients’ organizations. While working in customer support at talentReef, I worked exclusively on the applicant line, where I spoke directly with hourly applicants and employees to sort out the troubles they called in with. I quickly learned what to focus on in order to keep these callers happy; quick response times, patience, reassurance, and giving explicit explanations of what I had the ability to do for them.

               The first three aspects to focus on are fairly obvious. Quick response times and ensuring that callers can easily access a person instead of an automated system are important because it reduces frustration and irritation in callers. When callers are in better moods while on the phone, sorting out problems is much smoother. Having patience while on a call is also extremely important. Software systems such as talentReef can be difficult to navigate and when speaking with system users, it is necessary to stay aware of this fact. While someone at the company may know the system inside and out, one cannot expect a first-time user to have the same knowledge. Thus, having patience while a user is figuring out an issue is key. Patience means that you are staying calm while on the phone and allowing the caller plenty of time by not rushing the end of the call. Reassurance is another aspect of customer service to pay attention to. You must reassure the caller that their concerns and questions are valid, that their problem is not unfixable, and that you have the ability to help them solve whatever issue they’re facing with the system. This increases customer satisfaction because they feel supported, encouraged, and hopeful.

The less obvious part of customer support, that I learned was important, was the action of clearly explaining what I had the ability to do when assisting callers. Often, applicants or workers would call with an issue without knowing what their specific question for me even was. By walking through my abilities with a caller, I would be able to help them determine what they were having difficulties with on their end and more efficiently assist them through it. Explaining my abilities also came in handy when a caller would become argumentative or overly frustrated with me not catering to their needs. This would lighten their attitude almost immediately.  

talentReef is unique in the HR technology space as they not only offer support to HR administrative users and managers, but they also support applicants.  If applicants have issues or questions about the system, they can contact talentReef instead of having hiring managers spend time on application issues.  Learn more about this unique offering as well as other unique features of talentReef.

This blog was written by Avery Zieper, in conjunction with the talentReef Summer Internship Program.

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