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Posted by Brie Aletto on 5/15/18 3:25 PM

Would you eat at a restaurant with mediocre food, but amazing service? Or the opposite – Would you pay the price to stay at a hotel that’s incredibly pristine, but maybe the service is lackluster thanks to it being all inclusive? It begs the question, what is stack rank on the products consumers purchase vs. the service they receive?  Bottom line is they both heavily contribute to the overall customer experience.

It got me thinking about the old age “chicken and the egg” debate of which comes first… Sure, you need a product to sell to consumers, but you can’t get the product into consumers’ hands without the service aspect.  Over the past few years with online and social media reviews, the “Yelpification” of our culture (while it has its pros and cons), it has certainly put a bright shining light on the employees that impact a customer’s experience. 

If you hadn’t heard about the uproar at the Houston’s Restaurant in Atlanta, I definitely recommend familiarizing yourself (Houston's Article). In a matter of six short months, disgruntled customers caused the business’s doors to close (depending on who you ask) due to allegations of an employee that refused service based on racial profiling.  Who knows if their impact would have been as significant without the use of social media?  While there are countless anecdotes, the bottom line is customers now have a voice and service industry providers are taking note…

More and more money is being allocated and spent on the finding, training, and the complete dunking into the company culture that directly impacts the customer’s experience. There are countless ways to articulate the culture and expectations of employees right at the forefront of recruiting. And the more you can find the folks that match your culture, the higher likelihood your customers will get the experience you want.  Take a look at a few examples of sites for outward facing job seekers:

Krystal's Hamburgers Site

Spring Mobile Site

Le Pain Site

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Authored by Brie Aletto, Senior Vice President of Industry Solutions

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