Convenient Hiring for Convenience Stores

Posted by Jesse Applehans on 5/15/18 3:51 PM

Convenience stores rely heavily on their employees to provide a quality customer experience and promote their products, but historically it has been a challenge in the industry to recruit talent.

In the competitive hourly market, c-stores often come up short in the race for quality candidates.  This is partly due to the challenge of competing with the retail and restaurant spaces for hourly employees.  With their competitive branding and savvy marketing strategies, these industries are often more attractive to applicants than working at a convenience store. On top of the competition, c-stores typically operate 24-7 and require a strict time commitment, making it even more difficult to recruit.  In today’s world, people are looking for more than just a paycheck; they want a higher quality of life, good benefits, growth opportunity, and a positive culture in their work environment.  The nature of the c-store space makes it difficult to attract this type of job-seeker, which is why revamping your recruiting strategy is necessary to attract both the quantity and quality of applicants needed to cultivate a better customer experience, a stronger business, and to regain your competitive advantage. 

Finding ways to make your store stand out in the market is going to be the key.  Candidates want to see openings that are more than just a part-time job, but rather a promising career opportunity.  This will require taking a proactive approach to finding these individuals through multiple avenues, then attracting them with your branding, perks, and unique employment experience.  No longer is posting a sign on your window and waiting for the right person to walk through your door a sufficient method of recruiting for the hourly workplace, and c-stores are certainly no exception. 

talentReef understands the struggle to recruit and retain individuals in the c-store space, thus we put emphasis on alleviating these challenges by digitizing and streamlining your recruitment efforts on one mobile-optimized platform.   By casting a wide net, then funneling down candidates with intuitive prescreening tools, our solution is able to drive in and highlight the top 20% of talent for your managers.  Our integration with the top trending job boards today, along with search engine optimization, social sharing, and a customized careers page will enhance your positing visibility to draw in the talent you have been searching for. 

Digitizing a referrals program, building out a talent community, and utilizing branded email campaigns will also allow you to target specific markets and continually engage interested individuals.  talentReef puts focus on your brand in every step of the HR Management process, ensuring that each candidate sees the value in working for your company, rather than opting toward the competition.

Here at talentReef, we recognize that recruiting for convenience stores is more than just a process of filling a position with a warm body.  It is the first step in locating the dedicated employees who will represent your company, help your brand grow, and stay with your organization in the long run.  It all starts with finding the right candidate and a best-in-breed solution will provide the tools necessary to drastically improve recruitment strategies within the c-store industry. 

To learn more about how talentReef can increase quality applicant flow, while minimizing recruitment spend and efforts, sign up to see a free demonstration today.

Authored by Jesse Applehaus, Solutions Consultant

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