Are you prepared for the New Laws Impacting the Workplace

With every New Year comes new laws and changes to state and Federal forms.  Though many new laws are state specific and might not impact you, it is always a good idea to keep an eye open on what’s out there as they soon may be in a state near you.  California is usually the frontrunner (whether you view that as good or bad) in workplace laws. Spurred by the #MeToo movement, in 2018, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed eight bills aimed at preventing sexual and other forms of harassment in the workplace. 

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Building Your Employment Brand

For a moment, think about your company.  What is your employment brand? This question is something many companies don’t know how to define and build.  In order to figure out what your employment brand is, you must first think about what customers and employees say it is, and then what you think it is.  The two might not always match up.  If you aren’t sure what your employment brand is, ask yourself these questions:

Minimizing applicant drop-off while maximizing quality applicant flow

Constructing an effective job application in today’s market requires creating an appropriate balance between simplicity and quality control. More often than not, job seekers will quit in the middle of an application and fail to ever complete the process.  Losing out on those potential candidates can be the difference between capturing top quality talent and struggling to find a body to fill a position.

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Threading Brand Throughout the Entire Employee Life Cycle Will Decrease Turnover

In a tight labor market, employers are struggling to recruit talent and highlight their brand as desirable. With clever recruiting avenues provided in the talentReef bundle such as Snapchat QR codes, Text to Apply, and Social Media integrations, customers are seeing a significant uptick in attracting the Millennial and Gen-Z presence in their hourly recruiting environments. The first interaction that an applicant has with the brand is as a customer. If this is positive, then the second interaction could be the application process. In order to keep this consumer attracted to the brand, it is important to highlight brand differentiators from the competitors in the space. Some examples include ability to highlight career pathing opportunities, employee testimonials, maybe even employee perks or benefits. Highlighting culture and brand in the recruiting process is a no-brainer, every competitor is doing this. Selecting talentReef to help you stay on top of recruiting trends is also a no-brainer.

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